Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Cook Chicken on the Gas Grill

Chicken is a very nice choice of meat. It is very versatile, giving you lots of cooking options. It is also very easy to cook, requiring lesser time than other meats. More importantly, it is inexpensive as compared to beef or pork.

When you pair your chicken with your gas grill, you can get pretty amazing results. The gas grill is a nice cooking device that makes smoky, grilled flavor easy to achieve without taking out any of the flavors. If you decide to cook your chicken, which is pretty easy to handle, you can enjoy tasty results with very little cooking time. Here are some tips on how to cook chicken on the gas grill to make the task simpler:

Infrared Grill

Tip #1: Different parts and different cuts of chicken require different cooking time. For the chicken breasts, which are the white meat part, you need to wait about ten to fifteen minutes. For the bony part, the chicken thighs, for example, you will need more time, about 20 to 30 minutes will do.

Tip #2: The easiest and probably the best way to check if your chicken is cooked or not is to use a meat thermometer. Checking on the internal temperature of your chicken makes it easy for you to know if your meat is cooked without having to make a cut. An internal temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit should tell you that your chicken meat is well done.

Tip #3: Using low to medium to high heat may alter the cooking of your chicken using the gas grill. If you are cooking a whole chicken, it would be advisable if you use low heat to cook. Turning the chicken at least twice for the duration of the cooking time is also advisable. If you are cooking chicken breasts, cooking on high heat at lesser time is ideal.

Tip #4: To keep the juices and the flavors intact, avoid making a cut on your chicken while it is on the gas grill. If you make a cut to check if the meat still has pink parts and your chicken is still undercooked, you risk the juices flowing out from the meat and onto the gas grill rack.

Tip #5: For best results, give your chicken some resting time in between grilling and serving. After taking it off the gas grill, put your chicken on the platter and let it rest for a few minutes before serving. Doing so would let the flavors of the chicken flow out.

How to Cook Chicken on the Gas Grill